RAGE Softball Club was founded on the principles of Faith, Family, School, Softball.   Without FAITH we have no path, without Family we have no support, without SCHOOL we have no knowledge!  Softball is the last on the list, not because it is the least important but because through softball we can have them ALL!

We strive to teach these principles to not only RAGE members but all that we encounter. Change a Girl, Change the World!

At Rage Softball Club we are not here to chase trophies, wins or loses. We are here to provide a HOME to those looking to learn softball and life lessons while having a lot of fun and working hard.  While we encourage all of our athletes to work towards their goals of playing softball at the next level we never lose site of the fact that softball should never be the end goal, softball is just a means to achieve the true goal of a higher education.   We do not want to be remembered for the wins, loses or how many athletes we have had “committed” to play college softball.  We want to be remember for the number of our athletes that graduate with a degree!